The Succession of Empires is a way of organizing the history of Akreiyna, based on the rise and fall of the massive Imperial states that dominated the continent. It fell out of use after the invention of Hodris Broan's calendar in the late eighth century, but remains as a tool for naming the various historical states that preceded the Imperium.

First Empire - Founded c. I-1900, by Marcus Othor, then king of Urtasht. The First Empire comprised a large area of north-west Akreiyna, extending from Emihir in the Westmark to Memnon on the west coast of Akyrra. The First Empire collapsed c. I-1400 after repeated invasions by barbaric nomads from the southern interior, and attacks from Dorngard to the east and the Khamharan sea peoples who populated the area that would become Karum.

Second Empire - united c. I-700, by King Vrael of Kolburg, the Second Empire extended across much of the plains, from Kolburg to Dorngard, and north to Urtasht. Over the next two hundred years the Empire extended to include much of modern Akyrra and huge tracts of Karum. The Second Empire was crushed by a massive invasion by hordes from the south, who swept through the eastern parts of the Empire. Akyrra and Karum remained free, but after the collapse of the rest of the Empire they evolved increasingly Khamharan cultures.

The Second Empire is looked back upon as a golden age by many modern Akreiynans, like the ancient Rome of the real world. It was the first time that the Akreiynan and Khamharan worlds were united in one nation. The remnants of the Second Empire in Akyrra and Karum persisted for nearly three hundred years.

Third Empire -

Fourth Empire

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